WOMEN IN THEATRE (WIT) was created following a Professional Educational Theatre Experience seminar held in 1978. A survey of theatre operators was conducted to determine the percentage of women involved in Los Angeles theatre and in what capacities. Results indicated there was a need to introduce and educate theatre producers and operators to the fact that women were capable and eager to contribute in all areas of theatre, including writing, designing, directing, producing, etc.

The reaction and interest was so keen that regular meetings were scheduled, Membership grew slowly from a small support group meeting in members' living rooms, to 30 dues-paying members in 1982, and to 85 members in 1986. Eventually WIT had over 500 members and a well-respected reputation in the Los Angeles theatre community.

In 1990, WIT received the official 501(c)3 non-profit status and received its first grant assistance, The City of Los Angeles funded a Survey and Outreach program.

1991 brought the addition of a stellar Advisory Board composed of those who have already achieved success in theatre and are supportive of WIT's goals. Also in this year, the enlarged Outreach Committee initiated an expanded Community Outreach Program.

In 2004 Women In Theatre established an annual tradition --the Red Carpet Awards. WIT honors a wide range of individuals and organizations for their extensive support and involvement in the live theatrical arts in greater Los Angeles by acknowledging them as Red Carpet Award recipients. A diverse group of twelve awardees are presented the prestigious Red Carpet Award during a luncheon program open to the public during the month of October. The October date was selected to coincide with National Arts and Humanities month, thus serving as an especially timely homage to the extensive Los Angeles theatrical arts community.

WIT's programming and activities evolved as a two-fold purpose: to both enlighten the power center in the L.A. theatre community of the contribution women can make, and to encourage women to explore opportunities for involvement. WIT's current stated purpose is "to nurture and empower both emerging and established women in the theatre arts."

Activities include Quarterly Mixers, Luncheons with special guest speakers, workshops, seminars and symposia on various topics are produced regularly. A weekly e-letter, monthly play readings, discounted theatre tickets and socials provide networking opportunities.

WIT's membership uses its varied activities to educate and empower women in theatre, to bring various elements of theatre into the community though outreach programming and to develop works and audiences for theatre in the future