Organized in 1978 as a support group for women in the arts, WIT is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting positive images of women and empowering theatre arts professionals through performance, education, networking, service and outreach in Southern California.

Women in Theatre offers FREE to its Members:

  • Monthly Luncheons with Special Guest Speakers

  • Quarterly Mixers with networking opportunities and great speakers

  • Monthly Playreadings

  • Discounts to Workshops, Theatres, Services and more

We are an organization of writers, directors, actors, producers stage managers, set and lighting designers who have joined together to help each other. Men are welcome members.

WIT is a not-for-profit organization, tax exempt under the provision of IRS code 501 (c) (3). Your tax deductible donations to the Women in Theatre organization are welcome. For more information, call our hotline at 818.763.5222 or email president Talmadge Ragan at

Yearly Membership is $50.

Membership and donations are tax-deductible.

Testimonial by Carmen Scott

Women in Theatre has become an organization that is very dear to me. I have been a member for several years and serve on the Board of Directors. The relationships I have developed with some of my fellow members hold a precious home in my heart. These special connections have led to a dedication to this organization and its growth. They provide me with support and encouragement. They share generously their experience and have given me some great advice at just the right times. They have been there for me as my peers and mentors.

It would probably take quite some time to list every little benefit that I have gotten from WIT, but one thing for certain is that my membership holds a far greater value than its cost. One of the relationships that I have developed with a male writer, who is also a WIT member, has given me a chance to perform original work. It has given me a medium to promote what I am doing through our website, newsletter, and word of mouth among members. My fellow WIT members are not only a reliable audience, but also provide great support and feedback. Like just about any other organization or group to which one belongs: the more one puts into it, the more one gets out of it. Sometimes it can be just as rewarding to be called upon for help, as it is to receive it. It is a reminder that everyone has something to offer and that relationships are symbiotic.

Women in Theatre provides me with an opportunity to to exhibit a solid devotion to the craft of acting and be around others who do the same. Although, most people are attracted to this city for the television and film industry, a large number of the most successful and talented working actors in those fields credit the theatre and training as the foundation to their career. It is no secret that the most legendary actors having training and theatre experience. It helps to remind oneself that acting is a craft and not just something one does because one was born beautiful or just wants to be rich and famous. Dedication, passion, talent, devotion and a good attitude are qualitites that I believe one must possess to have a career as an actor or actress.

It is important to have dreams. Having a dream is what brought me from Oklahoma City to Los Angeles in my '89 Toyota Camry, with minimal belongings and a little bit of "starter money." I believed that I was talented, had something to offer, and I was not willing to sit around and wonder "what if." I once had a teacher that told me that it takes a super human effort to keep this dream alive. A great attitude, talent, a sense of business, patience, and a good support system are vital to keeping this dream alive. I would like to acknowledge Women in Theatre for being part of my support system. I hope to only see it grow in membership and the impact it has on individuals community.

Past Speakers include:

Mark Atteberry and
Bonnie Gillespie and
Kristene Wallis from the Wallis Agency
Kristine Oller
David Westberg, Manager  
Gordon Firemark
Heather Hale, Writer/Producer or
Mark Teschner
Marcia Ross, Exec. VP of Talent, WB
Dyan Cannon, Actress
Patty Duke, Actress
Valerie Harper, Actress
Rue McClanahan, Actress
Shannon Monahan, Casting Director
Bob Frazier
Susan Bullington Katz
Peter Pamela Rose
Krintina Hughes & Bryan Vermiere