The Red Carpet Awards—CALL FOR 2011 Nominations

Nominations for Women In Theatre’s Red Carpet Awards may be submitted at any time.

When is the deadline?

July 1 is the deadline date for the submission of nominations to be considered that year.  An active publicity period begins a few months prior to the deadline.  Submissions postmarked after the deadline or that have not reached the WIT office by the time of judging (usually several days after the deadline) will be placed in consideration for the following year.  There are NO exceptions.  If July 1 falls on a Sunday then the postmark deadline will be July 2.  See info below for mailing address.  WIT does not accept nominations via email. 
Early nominations are encoruaged!  See the Procedure for Nominating below.

Deadline for 2011 is JULY 1, 2011


  1. Submissions must be in writing and include a nominating letter stating reasons for the nomination.
  2. Contact Information: Your materials should include contact information for both the nominator and nominee. Self nominations are acceptable.
  3. Supporting Material: In addition, other supporting information such as resume, bio, clippings, job descriptions. testimonials, press materials etc. that would lend support to the nomination are highly encouraged.  (Please note no part of your nomination material will be returned.)
  4. Nominations must be submitted via mail to:

    Women In Theatre
    Red Carpet Awards
    11684 Ventura Blvd. #444
    Studio City, CA 91604

  5. Please note the above address is a mail facility.  If you prefer or find it more convenient to deliver your nomination materials in person please do so.  Valley Mail—818-763-6612—open normal business hours Monday-thru Saturday.  Studio City, CA 91604.

Who/What may be nominated?
Nominations may be for individuals including men and women, organizations, groups, special programs, theatres and more. (See the Considerations section below.)

Who may submit a nomination?
Anyone may submit a nomination. Women In Theatre encourages diverse submissions for support and involvement of the theatrical live performing arts from throughout greater Los Angeles.  Greater Los Angeles is defined as Los Angeles, Ventura and Orange counties. 
(See the Tips and Additional Info section below.)

Can more than one nomination be submitted?
Yes.  However, each submission should have its own separate nominating letter.  Multiple nominations can be mailed together, but should be distinct and separate in the mailing envelope.

May I re-submit a nomination that was not previously selected?
Yes.  Re-nominations are highly encouraged.  This also gives you an opportunity to update, add additional materials and seek testimonials to add support to the nomination.

What is considered to be Greater Los Angeles?
Greater Los Angeles consists of the counties of Los Angeles, Ventura and Orange.  Organizations/groups/theatres should primarily reside within that geographic area or produce programs serving that area.  Note an individual may reside elsewhere, but may have developed and participated in extensive activities and programs within great Los Angeles.

When is the Red Carpet Awards held?
By tradition the Red Carpet Awards are held on a selected Saturday afternoon within the month of October.  October is National Arts and Humanities Awareness Month.  The Red Carpet Awards include entertainment, a luncheon, and the awards presentation at a local venue in greater Los Angeles.  The event is not only entertaining but is inspiring and fun as well.

Other Questions???
Contact or call the WIT hotline-818-763-5222 and leave a message.  You should receive a response within the week.


Extensive support to the LIVE PERFORMING ARTS in greater Los Angeles including any or all of the following and/or related areas on stage or behind the scenes: Administrative, Educational, Creative, Promotional, Philanthropic, Developmental, Outreach and more.
A secondary consideration (a plus—but not a requirement) is providing opportunities and support for women to be involved in the theatrical arts including development of projects that focus on women or serve to involve them.

Nominations are encouraged for those involved in one of more of the following:
Writing, acting, teaching, directing, specific ethnic cultural arts, music, choreography, staging, props, technical, design, costuming, dance, comedy, clowns, puppetry, poetry, stage management, publicity, sound, ,storytelling, teaching, lighting and MORE—essentially all skills and talents that support the LIVE PERFORMING ARTS.

The Judging Process

All nominees will be reviewed and considered for their impact, longevity, service, creativity, dedication, leadership and more to the performing arts in greater Los Angeles by a panel of judges. The judging panel decisions are final.  Those selected as awardees will be contacted in July to officially accept.  Please note nominations are only reviewed by the judging panel during the year submitted.  Nominees who are not selected are highly encouraged to be re-submitted for any following year with a nomination packet of updated information.

Key Goal

A key goal for the awards is to salute the dedicated yet perhaps unsung theatrical participants throughout greater Los Angeles.  Women in Theatre hopes to inspire the community and give tribute to those that enlighten the lives of others via various forms of live artistic expression and performance and who pave a path of opportunities for others.  We are truly blessed to live in the leading area in the world for the diverse and plentiful opportunities in the live performing arts.

Tips and Additional Info

Organizing Your Nomination

Any sections of websites intended to be included as part of the nominating material must be printed out and submitted as hard copies in the nomination packet.  The judging panel will only review material as actually submitted in the nomination submission.  They will not view any links.  If you feel this information is of merit, please print it out and submit in your nomination material.  It is up to the nominator to assure the nomination is organized, complete, accurate etc.  CD’s and or other similar media may be submitted as supporting material only.  Photos may be included, but please note these will not be returned.  These will be viewed briefly (skimmed) by the judging panel and not in their entirety if it exceeds two minutes.

Preparing Your Nomination

Nominations often include some general information or items not related to the live theatrical arts.  It is not wrong to include this type of information.  However, please note the judges’ consideration is focused on efforts for the LIVE theatrical arts.  Feel free to list other support for the theatrical arts in other locals, however more consideration is weighed on activities and programs developed for or initiated in greater Los Angeles.

A Clarification

The award is for support of the LIVE theatrical arts.  Please note this support may come via another media beyond the stage.  Examples—a radio/television show producer or emcee that promotes and covers the live theatrical arts as a prime focus of the show, authors of books that cover history of LA theatre, director of documentary films about theatrical programs.