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According to Trish Ostroski when she was president of Women in Theatre (WIT) and the organization marked its 25th anniversary in 2003, she noted that WIT lacked a tradition such as an annual event and it was important for an organization’s continuance to establish at least one annual tradition that brought people together. Examining the organization’s mission statement and noting the fact that diverse talents such as opera, comedy, clowns, and more that specialize in live performance, in addition to actors, writers and directors etc. there was a need to have an opportunity to bring everyone to the table so to speak and the first Red Carpet was held in the fall of 2004.

In its brief history Red Carpet has honored churches, teachers, choreographers, stand up comedy, outreach, service and more truly a diversity of those serving the live performing arts administratively, creatively, philanthropically, educationally and more from a broad geographic region throughout greater Los Angeles.

The name “Red Carpet” was selected because in addition to the recognition for the use of a red carpet at various special events and entertainment productions, the red carpet also stands for hospitality and Trish felt that that would be a focus of the event: bringing the community in and developing an event with great hospitality. “The red carpet name lends itself to a color scheme, so there is no annual debate about that” she joked.

The goals and objectives included: adding and expanding certain elements annually, giving opportunity to WIT members to volunteer in support of the organization and community, develop public relations and publicity, develop branding for WIT, allow members and others to use and expand their talents, develop the Red Carpet into a fundraiser, allow an annual reunion for WIT members, people in the community, former members and more to come together, have live entertainment, develop a recognition for outreach and more. A major goal was to honor both the unsung as well as those who have been honored in other ways for their service and involvement in the live performing arts and to extend this opportunity to all even those in very special niches or that serve underrepresented groups. Secondarily the award seeks in some cases to recognize those who have created opportunity for women in the performing arts.

More recently the Red Carpet has been tied in with the National Arts and Humanities Awareness Month which is an annual countrywide program developing recognition for the arts each October.

Some traditions that have been weaved in include: the WIT President presents the first awards, award presenters are previous awardees, current and former WIT Presidents, WIT Honorary Advisors, the centerpieces are permanent returning each year, there are youth performers as part of the entertainment, there is a patriotic recognition and the American flag is displayed, and there is involvement of current or previous awardees in the entertainment segment.

In style and substance the Red Carpet is in part like a chamber of commerce event and an awards ceremony combined and is the most affordable event of its kind in Los Angeles.