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The RUSKIN GROUP THEATRE's mission is to expose the community to the enlightening experience that theater can be while providing outreach programs to people in need through our “Healing through the Arts” program. We accomplish our goals by producing “world class” plays in our theater and through our outreach work.
Over the last three years the Ruskin Group Theatre has produced some of the most critically acclaimed productions on the west side. In 2004 we turned our lobby into an art gallery so that we could give some of the talented local artists in the area there own solo shows. The Gallery produces four solo shows per year. In August of 2006 we are teaming up with the group Fostering Imagination to teach a group of foster children acting culminating in having them perform scenes specially written for them in November. The Scenes will include Ruskin Actors as a way to mentor these children. We plan on continuing our critically acclaimed. L.A Café plays which have been dubbed the “Fastest Theater in Town” because five short plays go from conception to execution in just 10 1/2 hours.
The Café Plays have won praise from audiences and the press alike. For example, the Los Angeles Times said that “audiences revel in the 10 1/2-hour creation cycle of five one-act plays, bound by a common theme and locale – all must take place in a café – but otherwise are as diverse as the minds from which they spring.