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Theatre Director GLORIA WATTS has been helping children on the stage for 27 years in Los Angeles. While she inherited her love of performing from her mother, who performed in Vaudeville, it was also an inborn talent that she shared with others.

Gloria directed many shows at Cleveland High School. She learned about casting from her drama teacher and planned out her future. To give performers the ability to shine, she planned to double cast the lead roles in all productions she would direct.

“Performing should be fun and it should make children feel good. Whether they’re challenged, autistic, average or high achievers, everyone has a talent. They just need a place to use it,” Gloria said.

Gloria earned her Bachelor of Arts Degree with a major in Theatre Arts in 1969 at CSUN. She also continued her education with an AA Degree in Early Childhood Development from Diablo Valley College.

In 1979, Gloria founded the Toddler Theatre, Kindertheatre, and School Days Theatre at the Jewish Community Center. Over the years she provided training to young women and men all over Los Angeles working as a Theatre Arts Teacher with Welby Way Elementary, Hidden Hills Theatre, Bell Canyon Broadway, Round Meadow Elementary, Bay Laurel Elementary, Oak Hills Elementary, Yuerba Buena Elementary, Media Creek Middle School, Canyon Club Theatre, St. Mel’s School, and St. Francis Xavier School.

Gloria’s legacy will live on as the child performers she directed share their love of acting, singing, and dancing with the next generation.