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As the Theatre Specialist, now Elementary Arts Coordinator, in the Arts Education Branch of the Los Angeles Unified School District, ROBIN LITHGOW has worked to implement theatre into the core curriculum of all LAUSD schools.

She is a principal designer of the Arts Program Schools program, placing dance, music and visual arts teachers in LAUSD elementary schools. One exciting out-growth of the Arts Program in LAUSD is the comprehensive, standards-based K-6 Arts Instructional Guides, outlining instructional modules that will guide educators of the future in building a substantive curriculum in the arts. The theatre portion of the Guides, directed and edited by Robin, has been a collaborative process with valuable contributions from her amazing team of elementary theatre teachers.

Before joining the Arts Education Branch, Robin taught and did theatre with students from kindergarten through high school for twenty-five years, producing a Shakespeare play every year and teaching an improvisation class that produced full-length improvisational plays.

In addition to several local boards of programs that promote theatre in education, Robin is on the College Board's Advisory Committee for the Arts, where she is the advocate for an Advanced Placement Exam in Theatre and a greater role for theatre in education across the nation.

Robin was born into a theatre family and raised backstage. She and her brother are probably the only two people on the planet to have seen every play by William Shakespeare at least four times by the age of thirteen. She believes, quite simply, that theatre is the best way to teach all things.