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PENELOPE TORRIBIO was already a teacher and a mother before she ever held a guitar, wrote a song or sang outside her bathroom. She couldn’t draw a stick figure and she didn’t own a puppet. Then, she went back to school and earned a credential and M.A. in special education. Her first job was teaching behaviorally challenged children and teens. She soon realized that her students needed more than skills and knowledge, they needed to transform thinking and behavior. Her search for more effectively ways of reaching and teaching her students lead to art. She used music, drawing, puppetry, video production, script writing, poetry, guitar and anything else she could think of to help her students. As she developed her ability to teach through art—she became an artist herself.

Penelope is an author, a master puppeteer, a singer-songwriter with nine albums, a photographer and a web designer. She has written and performs a one-woman two-hour marionette and shadow puppet show of the Hindu epic, the Ramayana and numerous ecology interactive puppet shows, where the audience becomes the puppeteers. Penelope has performed all over the world and says “Puppets cross all language barriers. They are great entertainers and great teachers."

New Releases by Penelope Torribio:

Under the Blue Blue Sea, Under Sea Ecology CD and lyric coloring book. In a Freaky Friday style a mermaid and a girl trade places, the girl learns the need to care for our oceans.

Bug Me
photography and thought poems about these tiny essential creatures.

Visit Penelope's website at www.penelopetorribio.com and contact her directly at mythra@earthlink.net