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Barbara Masters has worked in theatre in Los Angeles for 40 years. She received a BA in Theatre Arts from UCLA, and MA in Theatre Arts from CSULA focusing much of her career on teaching, directing and producing theatre in Los Angeles Unified Schools. She has mounted over 50 productions and won numerous awards from the Drama Teachers Association of California, California State Thespians and International Thespians organizations.

She is a board member of the Educational Theatre Association, California, and TaosPlays and was on board member of Drama Teachers Association of Southern California and National Repertory Theatre, Barbara was a member of the advisory committees for the LA Opera, Theatre as a Learning Tool, and the Lewitsky Dance Company.

Mrs. Masters has also taught acting workshops for the LA Opera Company, Glendale Community College, and Covina Center for Performing Arts, and Project 10. Her private students work in commercials, live theatre and opera.

Barbara has also directed at UCLA, CSULA, The LA Gay and Lesbian Center, Huntington Park Community Theatre, the Lee Strasburg Theatre, and most recently. Barbara is directing Quilters in Taos, New Mexico in the coming year...

Mrs. Masters has worked on marketing, for productions of City Kid: The Musical at the Hudson Theatre, About Productionís Showing Our Age at the The Ford, Hands on Therapy at the Lost Rose Theatre, The Dining Room, at the Victory Theatre and Luisa Fernanda at the Ricardo Montalban Theatre.