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Michael & Carol Kiernan Convey Storytelling and literature brought this couple together in college. Michael completed his BA in Literature at Arizona State University, while Carol fashioned a BA in Humanities and Fine Arts. Amid course studies, work and social festivities, they developed a mutual interest in the transformational power of the written word: stories, story-telling, scripted communication, and the art of live theatre and film-making. Michael later received his JD from DePaul’s Law School and Carol completed her MFA at Chicago’s Goodman School of Drama at the Theatre School.

The partners created 7 years of a ‘Coffee House Live’ program for ASU and DePaul, bringing story, stage and music performance together. Since their introduction to Women In Theatre in 1989, Carol has been a working actor/director/producer and Mike has provided endless support and clarity to alliteration and event planning. During a very active period for our organization, Carol directed WIT shows for 3 years of the LA Theatre Festival, coordinated the live talk show Conversations With for 4 seasons, helped develop the first WIT Advisory Board, created 4 years of An Afternoon of WIT for the NOHO Theatre & Arts Festival, served on our Board of Directors for 10 years and later as President for 4 years, and rallied members to create our current mission statement.

Together this couple, proud parents of son Casey, has supported our efforts to create positive images of women and foster a creative community spirit dedicated to the theatre arts of Southern California.