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Christina Hart, Artistic Director for the Laurelgrove Theatre Company, has been a film, television and theater artist for the past 35 years.

She spent the first 20 acting, but hungered for more control over the roles she played, and what she played them in. The desire to choose roles and projects resulted in a “do it yourself,” philosophy, which in the performing arts community, translated to, Produce ‘em, Direct ‘em, and now and then Write ‘em, yourself. Since that wake-up call she has been responsible for over 50 plays hitting the boards, all of which were originals.

She was the first producer with Camelot Artists Productions, creating Sunday Brunch Theater and Early Evening Theater, with a 5:00pm curtain. She produced for Camelot for 4 years, occasionally directing as well. Moving on, she became the Manager of the Hollywood Court Theater where she has produced several festivals, soliciting material from playwrights around the United States, and directing in these festival’s as well.

She has been at the helm of numerous original full length plays and continues to act when inspired. A few years ago Christina heard another voice that needed producing, hers. Not a problem when you can do it yourself. Several One Acts later, Christina’s play Women Over The Influence, enjoyed a sold out, run and a recent revival done as a benefit.

Christina is an active member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, a lifetime member of the Playwrights Unit of the Actors Studio and continues to be reading, writing and getting ready.