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Garry Kluger began acting at the age of 8 and continued professionally right up to the time when he realized that the last 8 roles he had auditioned for were all in the elf/leprechaun genre. So he concentrated on his writing.

As a writer Garry has written two TV pilots, 12 documentaries, several series, and over 100 live shows for the Disney Corporation worldwide. For television, Garry was the head writer for The FX Friday Night FiX and was nominated along with his wife, Lori, for a CableACE Award for one of their 10 Ultimate Guide documentaries appearing on the Discovery Channel. Garry was also a producer and the writer for the original TV pilot, Office Hours.

But it is being a playwright that Garry finds most creatively satisfying. Garry has written 6 plays – creating roles for 17 women and 10 men. Garry’s plays have had many productions, reading, and workshops all over Southern California, and his play, In A Yellow Wood, had its world premier in L.A. in 2008 and was a semifinalist at the prestigious O’Neill playwrights conference. His one-act, The Homecoming, was picked as one of six plays to be read this year at the 2009 West Hollywood Play Reading Festival. Garry has also authored 3 books of acting scenes. These scenes have not only been used in acting classes at schools and colleges throughout the U.S., but they have also been performed in theaters across the country and around the world.