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Cornerstone Theater Company is a multi-ethnic, ensemble-based theater company. We commission and produce new plays, both original works and contemporary adaptations of classics, which combine the artistry of professional and community collaborators.  By making theater with and for people of many ages, cultures and levels of theatrical experience, Cornerstone builds bridges between and within diverse communities in our home city of Los Angeles and nationwide.

Based in Los Angeles’ vibrant downtown, Cornerstone is led by Artistic Director Michael John Garcés and a core ensemble of artists, technicians and administrators.  We partner with communities throughout the city and statewide to tell their stories through theatre, working alongside community participants behind-the-scenes and onstage.

This fall, Cornerstone is launching The Hunger Cycle, a series of world premiere plays that will investigate the universal and urgent need for food and how filling that need has the power to transform individuals and communities.  Over the next five years we will create and present eight world premiere plays and one statewide touring production that examine our country’s hunger crisis.

The Hunger Cycle kicks off this fall with “Conversations and Provocations,” a city-wide festival of performances, discussions and learning opportunities – culminating in a communal meal and performance event on the streets of L.A. To find out more about the upcoming festival (November 7 – 20), and for ways to participate in The Hunger Cycle, please visit our website at