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Suzanne Lummis’ plays October 22, 4004, B.C., Saturday and Night Owls won Drama-Logue Awards for playwriting and appeared in Critic’s Choice or “Best Bets” in several newspapers, including The Los Angeles Times.  The Herald Examiner described Night Owls as “searingly funny” and noted, “It’s rare for a work of theater to combine rage and humor in equal measure.  Suzanne Lummis’s Night Owls is just such a work”.  Lummis also received glowing reviews for her performance in October 22, 4004 B. C., Saturday.  From Los Angeles Magazine, “Lummis is a sort of New Wave Gracie Allen.”

She is founder director of The Los Angeles Poetry Festival which this fall is producing, together with Beyond Baroque Literary Arts Center, the citywide, 20-event series Night and the City: L.A. Noir in Poetry Fiction and Film.  She teaches several levels of poetry writing classes for the UCLA Extension Writers’ Program including, “Poetry Goes to the Movies: The Poem Noir”.

She is best known as a poet, and her work has appeared in major literary magazines around the country.  Her collection, In Danger, was published by Heyday Books as part of The California Poetry Series.  She is the Southern California correspondent for the New Mexico publication Malpais Review.  The Greenwood Encyclopedia of American Poets and Poetry entry on her begins, “As poet, performer, editor, teacher and poetic impresario, Suzanne Lummis has been, for more than two decades, one of the most distinctive and influential poets in Los Angeles”.