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Los Angeles Dream Shapers, a nonprofit arts organization, provides more than 800 programs to schools, libraries, preschools, cities and other community organizations each year throughout Southern California.  We reach over a quarter of a million children and families annually.  Dream Shapers strives to have performers remain current and relevant by mentoring new and advising seasoned artists through telephone conversations, email correspondence, one-on-one appointments, professional development and networking opportunities.

Dream Shapers began as a collection of independent artists not affiliated with a larger arts organization to serve as a cohesive voice to the community and assist one another with outreach.  Independent artists struggled with marketing themselves and creating awareness for their arts programming .  Independent artists needed a platform to clearly articulate their artistic quality, professionalism, and prove their credibility; and, Dream Shapers sought to provide that.

Dream Shapers works diligently to develop services and empower highly-qualified performers across a wide variety of art forms.  We partner with the County of Los Angeles Libraries and Inland Empire Library Systems to coordinate county-wide Performers Showcases and Directories with inclusion for all artists.  We collaborate with the Orange County Department of Education and several PTA Districts to produce Program Preview Days, an educational programming showcase.  We also create year round marketing opportunities including where artists post sample videos of their programs.  Through these connections, Dream Shapers has become an effective supporter of the performing arts in Southern California.

Dream Shapers