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Greenway Arts Alliance
Whitney Weston, Co-Founder, Co-Artistic Director
Pierson Biaetz, Co-Founder, Co-Artistic Director

Whitney Weston and Pierson Blaetz are the award-winning executive directors and founders of the Greenway Arts Alliance and the Melrose Trading Post(MTP).  Greenway is a nonprofit organization that offers innovative visual and performing arts education for public high school students and produces professional film and theatre for the local community.  The MTP, an antiques & collectibles flea market, serves as the longest running and #1 fundraiser for public education in Los Angeles.  Since 1997, it has contributed over 6 million dollars to the educational careers of more than 32,000 high school graduates. 

Launching memorable projects like Da' Poetry Lounge, the largest and longest-running open mic venue on the west coast, Whitney and Pierson co-produced the DVD of the same name, and for professional theatre productions have been recognized with top awards from the NAACP, the Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle and the LA Weekly. 

In 2010, Greenway won the Social Enterprise Venture Competition Award that supports nonprofit executives in developing ventures that expand social impact and generate income.  Whitney and Pierson's most recent undertaking is the creation of the Institute for the Arts at Greenway, a sustainable, project-based, student-centered, teaching and learning community for professional artists and young people to co-create excellent work together.