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Nona Daly

My first connection with the Long Beach Playhouse began in the mid-1970’s as a patron.  I always enjoyed the productions and the friendly staff so was very pleased to be invited in 1989 to join the Box Office staff where I volunteered for over 10 years.  Shortly after I started in the Box Office, I met Peggy Holmes who was managing the Prop Room.    I soon found myself working in the Prop Room every Monday evening, set Sundays and dress rehearsal nights.  I managed the Prop Room with Peggy for about 12 years. 

Working with Props led us to holding an annual rummage sale for the Playhouse, the last one which brought in just under $10,000.  During that time I developed an usher team and we continue to usher for each Mainstage Opening Night.    I also ushered for a period of time for the Studio Theatre and will always remember the night I did so and learned later that evening that my favorite actor, Morgan Freeman, had been downstairs watching the show on the Mainstage.   One of the jobs I enjoy most is greeting and signing in the actors who come to the Playhouse to audition for Mainstage productions.  I have also been Chair of the Nominating Committee for the Board of Directors, have scheduled ushers for the Studio Theatre, and have enjoyed helping Jo Black-Jacobs with the New Works Festival and Caprice Spencer Rothe with the Third Sunday Project  since its inception.

Peggy Holmes

My involvement with the arts began in the early-1980’s when I began volunteering for the Long Beach Arts Council.  The Director at the time was Elaine Herman.  When Elaine left the Arts Council in 1987 to become Managing Director of the Long Beach Playhouse, I also became active at the Playhouse. 

The Prop Shop was without a manager so I took over that position and began working in the Prop Room on Monday evenings and for each dress rehearsal and set Sunday.  I worked in the Prop Room for approximately 15 years and, while there, we found a use for extra props by developing an annual rummage sale which became very successful and raised nearly $10,000 our last year.  During that time, I was on the Board of Directors and also worked in the Box Office, was on the Nominating Committee for the Board of Directors and was Captain of an usher team for the Mainstage. 

I presently handle auditions for the Studio Theatre and usher for dress rehearsals for Mainstage and Studio Theater productions.  I also have assisted Jo Black-Jacobs with the New Works Festival and Caprice Spencer Rothe with the Third Sunday Project since its inception.