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Trish Ostroski

Trish Ostroski is a theatrical reviewer, author, playwright, stand up comic, emcee and an activist for the arts.  She has received more than twenty awards for writing, speaking, production and service including the Aurora and the Communicator.

A 1997 graduate of the Valley Leardership Institute (VLI), Trish teamed with others assisting the Valley Family Center, American Cancer Society, MEND and other community programs.  She initiated the first office intern program for mentally and physically challenged individuals in the San Fernando Valley, in conjunction with Precision Dynamics Corp. and Tierra Del Sol.

One additional goal -- make an impact in the arts.  Trish joined the Women in Theatre (WIT) board of directors and soon became the group’s president.  In 2004, during her presidency, she created the Red Carpet Awards as a link to the entire arts community in Los Angeles.  The Red Carpet also focused WIT on its mission, created tradition and outreach while recognizing a diverse range of arts.  Trish continued to write, produce and expand the Red Carpet Awards which became a unique, inspiring, and welcome addition to the LA arts scene.

She is an alum of the University of Akron, Gonzaga University and the Hypnosis Motivation Institute.  Currently, she is the President of Motivated Toastmasters in Sherman Oaks, an area governor for Toastmasters, a parish council representative for St. Monica’s Church, a director/trustee for the Hypnotherapists Union, serves on the screening panel for the Los Angeles Women’s Theatre Festival and is a member of Family Theatre Improv.