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Penny L. Moore

Penny fell in love with the theatre at age 7 when she toured with a children’s repertory company in her home state of Kentucky.  She earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Western Kentucky University, worked with WKU Theater Department and Fountain Square Players local theatre.  Since moving to Los Angeles in 1989, she has rallied theatres and communities to support prop, costume and set sharing, as well as educating dozens of theatres about the value and richness of non-traditional casting. 

She began producing theater with Gene and Toni Bull Bua at The Acting for Life Theater in Burbank and became the managing director of The Actors Group in 1999, expanding acting services and classes into The Actors Group Theater stage.  As a producer, she created over 100 free theatrical performances for the NOHO Theater and Arts Festival for three years. 

In 2001, Penny founded The Actors Repertory Theater, where she is still serves as Artistic Director.  Penny has been awarded by theatres throughout LA, and recognized as director and producer by the NAACP Theater Awards and LA Weekly Theater Awards.  In 2007 Penny was named one of the top 100 People in Los Angeles by LA Weekly.  In 2009 Penny moved The Actors Group to Burbank, transforming the old Third Stage Theater into the Missing Piece Theater, and later opening The Actors Group Studio next door.  Penny’s other entertainment experience runs the gamut from Talent Agency Assistant at ICM, Writers Assistant on TV’s Santa Barbara, Casting Director for independent film and stage productions, as well as her numerous film and television credits as an actress.